Web Consultancy Per Hour


  • SEO Analysis & Deployment
  • Local SEO Services
  • Link Building Strategies (Consult)
  • E-mail Marketing (Consult)
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Advertising Solutions

We will perform an extensive SEO & speed audit of your website. This SEO audit will include what fixes/changes are necessary to boost pagerankings. Keep in mind that if you are hosting content against search engine guidelines unfortunately there is little we can do for you.

A local SEO strategy will be implemented to help boost local search rankings. This effects overall SEO as mobile search-rankings favour localized companies; whilst desktop searches favour multimedia. Your Local SEO strategy will include citations to boost local legitimacy, Google My Business setup and optimization (with periodic management), as well as social media localization implementation.

Link building strategies will be tailored to your niche, the reason this is considered a mere ‘consult’ is that based on your niche we may not be able to achieve link building without expenditures.

Lead generating tactics and what we could do to improve usability.

E-mail marketing setup, design, training & support are all available through consults. E-mail marketing is setup using external services to ensure legality and legitimacy.

We will audit your website speed and attempt to minor back-end changes. Please keep in mind that as this subject can require several modifications we only provide minimal consultation and execution. If you’re interested in a more dedicated solution please see our Page Speed Audit service.

Paid advertisement solutions can be provided and consulted upon our sessions, this will require additional SEA (Search Engine Advertising) optimization; which is focused on the deployment of topic-specific / ad-specific landing pages. The management of complex advertising accounts we are skilled in include: Google Ads + YouTube, Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads, LinkedIn Ads. However we do of course provide full consultancy for all advertising networks.

This service is sold in 3 hour increments. If you would like to customize your order please contact us directly. 

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Web Consultancy Per Hour