Develop Chat Bot


Can’t keep up with all the inquiries you’re getting? Have a chatbot do it for you!

We will develop a chat bot for your website. Depending on the application we will be utilizing a third party provider. Due to limitations of the freeware you may be asked to upgrade to a plan.

As the software(s) we use are third-party we do not offer subscription models, only one-off development fees.

Bot Capabilities:

  • Collecting data and information
    • Re-marketing
  • Arranging appointments (virtual secretary)
    • Call backs
    • Email exports
    • Calendar integration
  • Filtering actual support inquiries
    • Preventing overload of support staff
  • Providing quotes (based on Q&A data)
    • It can bargain with clients!
  • WooCommerce – Online Store Assistant
    • Offering discounts to repeat visitors
    • Abandoned cart reminders
    • Facebook Messenger integration
website chat solution
Develop Chat Bot