Working with us…

Let us take you on our version of the customer journey and experience

The Web Uplink Experience begins of course with the inquiry.

While most clients reach out to us, we are a part of several open project websites where we reach out to clients ourselves.

We priortize timing the meeting in your favour. We want you to not just understand but feel that you’re well taken care of.

Discovery Meeting – Understanding your needs

The purpose of the discovery call / meeting is to get more detailed information in-regards to what’s needed, what more can we do and how we can do it better.

For the purpose of this example : We will assume it’s a standard website for a small-to-medium business enterprise.

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Proposal – Web Design Quotation

At this stage we present you with our quote or pricing estimate. We then discuss payment options as well as how we can work with your budget and what areas we can allocate financial resources to.

Initial Development – Website Design

After we sort out the payment structure, we then proceed with the initial infrastructure development.

Depending on the project this could be simply just setting up the setting up your server, installing WordPress/WooCommerce or more…

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Design Strategy – Choose a theme

If the project is a website at this stage we book another meeting with you to discuss what kind of design we’re going for.

This will often be a selection of themes we’ve picked out and want you to choose from.

Content Creation – Copy writing

There are certain keypoints in every industry that we need to understand before copy writing. While we get to designing the actual website, we put you to work on writing up a content draft or choosing which media will be going where.

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Publishing– The Exciting Part

Once we’ve got the design just right, we go ahead and post up all the content you’ve given us. Our next meeting is then just to show you what it’s going to look-like and…

This is where we ask you… “Do you wanna go live?”