New Website

We can build you a brand-spanking new website. With all the performance goodies, clean coding & none of that clutter.


Performance Driven

We are experts in website performance solutions. A fast website converts, slow loading times often have people clicking away or exiting your website.

We utilize website speed optimization and performance tuned web servers to host your website more efficiently and deliver your content fast.

Understanding your industry

We listen, think & plan together. We need to understand you, to better understand your customers and their needs. Using click-funnels, call-to-actions and other interactive elements we build your website to get your users to where they need to be.

As we build up our portfolio we’ll be adding more specialist pages here:

ux phone
Web Design

Smart Landing Pages

We build landing pages to help you target the right people. Why advertise a service to someone who’s looking for something else?

Our landing pages are focused on warm-marketing & cold-marketing tactics to improve your advertising efficiency too.

Overclocking WordPress

Making WordPress faster is an art-form. As experts in WordPress development & design we exceed limitations, meet expectations and re-invent the wheel that turns your site.

With web uplink you get hosting on a server solely configured to wordpress caching and speed optimization.

Wordpress Expert
Wix to WordPress Hosting
We ♥ WordPress

Why Web Uplink?

If you’re looking into building your website using one of those rental services like Wix, Square Space or even Shopify. You’re renting a website, not owning one.

As these companies control every inch of your website and only offer you limited access, you’re essentially renting your website from them. With us, you OWN your website and all of its content.

Ready to tell us about your project?

Website Development

A commercial business website often requires a few photos here and there, graphics to improve aesthetics and rich content describing the products & services. Our team will work with you to optimize these elements into a lightning-fast loading website.

If your niche requires a lot of media and heavy-load aesthetics, we will provide off-site hosted work arounds (CDNs / CF GeoIP etc.) to maintain speed-optimization.

Lightning Fast WordPress Websites

Total Search Engine Optimization

Graphic Design & Videography

Tailored to User Experience

Adaptive Web Design

We utilize responsive design technology to ensure your website works on all your devices. Though we do offer mobile-centric design options upon request.

Easy to Edit

Being able to manage your website or online store by yourself is a must.

By utilizing the simplicity of WordPress we’re able to setup a platform where you can easily make edits and even design-changes.

Web Uplink Web Design

Online Store

We get your products on the web. We setup online stores that load fast and automate sales. An online store is as important as a physical store. The speed of your website is no-different from the speed of your customer service.

Accessibility Website Design

We can build you a WCAG compliant website. A website with the tools to allow the user to customize their viewing experience.

Make website easy to read

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