Targeting a country

Do you have a non-country-specific domain, but want to target a specific country? Google Search Console has the answer!

In some cases (similar to ours) it just isn’t ideal to purchase a country-based domain (like a or etc.). Having a country based domain often limits your services solely to that country; so it’s often preferred by local businesses.

Whereas a company like ours Web Uplink offers services worldwide, but are based in Australia. In this case while we do market locally in Australia we want to remain available to international clients.

While the new version of the Google Search Console for some reason does not have an option to adjust this. We can visit the old search console to make the changes.

Step by step guide:

Login (keep in mind, this is merely a link to Search Console).

Select your domain

You will then be asked to Choose a verified property.

Once you select your domain from the dropdown box, you will be redirected to the International Targeting page.

On this page you will find 2 tabs: Language & Country. If you have defined hreflang tags, a list of what your site’s main language should appear. Otherwise select the Country tab.

Once here, simply tick Target users in: & select the country.

Click on the Country tab
Select the target country