Performing the Lorenzo Von Matterhorn IRL

How to implement the Lorenzo Von matterhorn in real life

How I Met Your Mother’s “Barney Stinson” brought us the playbook. The Playbook had many great plays. One in particular that caught most men’s attention was The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn.

As Barney describes, the main idea here is to set yourself up with an impressive digital identity.

Implementing The Lorenzo Von matterhorn in the real world is possible.

Choosing a unique name

That unique name is important so that when they Google it, noone else comes up. When coming up with this name you have to take into account that

Google may flag this as misspelt and provide a different search engine result. So experiment before you start working!

Publishing Articles

The articles Barney Stinson published targetting that unique name are actually quite achievable, due to the lack of competition for that particular keyword in terms of SEO. In this case the keyword is merely the name you pick.

There are a few ways to achieve this, the cheapest way would be create a website; with merely a few pages and maybe some gibberish copied & pasted into the other pages or articles. Of course you could hire someone to set this all up for you.

If you were to setup these sites yourself (and have the knowledge) it should cost you somewhere around $75 (USD) a year for the domains and another $120 to host them.

The premium way to go about this would be to contact currently active websites (that rank high) and pay them to publish an article about you. Some websites would ask to write the article on your behalf (to suit their writing-style). This can be quite costly, as depending on the niche of the site the price may rise. Particularly if you went for a medical-blog like Barney has.

Of course a service like this can be provided by a web development company, as we already have authority websites we use for article publishing and backlinking. We can utilize these resources to help promote your digital persona and increase legitimacy.

Interested in having someone do it for you?

Well guess what! We can do it for you!

Setup The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn Play


We will build all the necessary webpages and write up articles to help you perform the Lorenzo Von Matterhorn play.

Hire someone to setup The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn play websites and be as succesful as Barney Stinson was!

We will setup 5+ web pages with articles about you (with your unique name). These articles will include edited photos of yourself. Dramatic and extravagant stories about your persona and more.

The content created will be available for 6 – 12 months. Our services are available for both males and females.

Contact us if you want to start!

To increase legitimacy we may ask you to provide:

  • Portait photos of yourself
  • Photos of yourself with luxury items
  • Photos of yourself on vacation (to be edited)
  • Request access to your social media
  • Video of yourself having a conversation with someone (to be edited)

Written articles may include content on:

  • Attending yacht parties
  • Ownership of real estate
  • Corporate tenders
  • Luxury car clubs
  • Legal battles with corporations
  • Celebrity scandals
  • Penis size enlargement / reduction
  • Sexual breakthroughs
  • World records
  • Terminal illness