Accessibility on the web

While most computers and mobile phones nowadays feature several accessibility tools for the death, blind and other various disabilities. They are limited to how well they can display the information the viewer may need.

We utilize UserWay Accessibility technologies to make your website more accessible. For more information feel free to check out our accessibility website(s) page here.

Adding Accessibility to your website

Do you want to add accessibility features to your website?

With the accessibility widget viewers can customize your website on their device to suit their needs.

  • Adding keyboard navigation for the tricky forms
  • Screen readers for those who don’t like to always use the narrator
  • Contrast adjustments to make things easier to read for the colour-blind
  • Increase the size of text
  • Add spacing between text to make things easier to read
  • Pausing animations to help focus
  • Increase the size of the cursor to make it easier to click elements
  • Even add features to improve dyslexic functionality